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Water Filtration and Softener Systems for Cleaner, Softer Water in Crosby, TX

Are you making sure that your family is consuming good quality and healthy water? The sad reality is that we are living in a time where our water supply might be contaminated with a plethora of chemicals, pesticides, and carcinogens. Top grade water filtration and water softener systems are an absolute necessity in each and every household, particularly in the Crosby area.

At Pioneer Plumbing, our team of highly experienced and qualified plumbers will make sure that your family is getting the best quality water filtration system. In order to understand why you should get professional help in installing these water filter systems, you should first educate yourself about the perils of hard water.

Water Filtation system being installed in Crosby, TXSigns of Hard Water and Poor Water Quality

Hard water is water that has a high mineral count. These minerals react poorly with soap, leading to some tell-tale annoyances.  Here are some things to check if you think you might have hard water in your home.

  • Your water’s taste and smell – does your water taste strange or have an unusual smell?
  • Your laundry – are you encountering soap scum? Soap scum is the term given to the white hard water spots that come up which washing.
  • Your pipes – are they constantly getting clogged? The mineral content in hard water can cause damage to your drainage pipes and clog them up
  • Your skin – are you and your family facing constant skin irritation? When you shower with hard water, it leaves soap particles behind.

Whole House Filtration Systems

A whole house water filtration system, as the name suggests, is capable of filtering all the water that enters your house. This system will ensure that filtered water is being delivered to every single faucet, shower, and appliance within your house.

This system is a must-have if you are living in Crosby. Crosby’s water quality is solely dependent on the raindrops which either fall in Crosby’s stormwater system or Lake Houston. From Lake Houston, the water goes into a water treatment plant handled by the city’s Drinking Water Operations.

However, Crosby faces a lot of floods. The flood water, which mixes up with all kinds of oil, pesticides, garbage, and other biological waste, flows back to the lake and is later treated and given to the residents. As you can imagine, if proper care is not taken, the water that you are drinking can be extremely unhygienic. This is why you should make sure that you have proper filtration and softening system installed at home.

Whole House Water Softeners

The whole house water softener converts your hard water to soft water. There are four types of whole house water softeners.

  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Salt-based systems
  • Salt-free systems
  • Magnetic systems

Soft water helps increase the lifespan of all your water-based appliances, plus it doesn’t clog up your drainage pipes. For everyday use, soft water is far better for you and your home than hard water.

Contact Pioneer Plumbing for Your Water Filtration & Water Softener System Needs

As important as these devices are, it is doubly important to make sure that they are set up properly. It is better to have a trained professional to do this for you instead of trying to install everything by yourself.

At Pioneer Plumbing, our expert plumbers will make sure that your filtration system is properly set up so that your family is getting the best water supply. We care about your family’s health, so rest assured that we will give our very best to make sure that everything is properly installed.

Give us a call if you’re ready for us to set up your filtration and water softening system.