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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Crosby, TX

Few homeowner problems are as dreaded as a main sewer line clog.  Even with care and maintenance, pipes can get stopped up, resulting in a frustrating and smelly mess that disrupts your routine and can even make your home unlivable until the sewer line is repaired.

We at Pioneer Plumbing have amassed a team of carefully vetted, highly experienced plumbers who are more than capable of fixing your main sewage line in a clean and efficient manner. However, before we get into why our services are desirable, you should have an idea of what you are getting into if you plan on doing sewer maintenance and drain cleaning by yourself.

Sewer Line Cleaning & Maintenance

All the drain pipes of your home (e.g., the pipes coming from your kitchen sink or your toilet) are connected to the main sewer line. If there are any clogs in the main pipe, you are going to face severe repercussions on the other lines. Thus, if you are planning on repairing your sewer line by yourself, you should know some of the factors that can contribute to the blockages.

Sewer line repair in Crosby, TX

  • The pipes could be old and worn after years of use.
  • Roots from nearby shrubs and roots could have crawled into your pipes while looking for water.
  • A part of the pipe may have sunken down because of the soil conditions.
  • You may have committed the cardinal sin of treating your toilet like a trash can. Flushing down trash will definitely lead to the pipes getting clogged up.
  • Pouring grease, fat, or oils down your sink can easily cause a clog.

If you indeed want to fix your faulty drains by yourself, not only should you have the requisite tools needed to clear things up, you must also know exactly what clogged it in order to go about things in the proper manner.

Signs of a Sewer Line Stoppage

Some signs of a sewage clog are easy to spot, but others may be more subtle. You might be dealing with sewer stoppage if…

  • Multiple fixtures like toilet and shower drains are clogging up at the same time.
  • You have a drain that is frequently backing up and flooding parts of your home.
  • Using a fixture causes unexpected results – for example when you drain your bathtub, the water line rises in your toilet.
  • There are distinct, unexplained changes to your lawn – a sewer line usually extends from your home to the front yard

Sewer Line Installation in Crosby, TX

You can do basic drain cleaning and maintenance by yourself. However, for more severe cases, such as pipe sagging and root infiltration, you should definitely consult a certified professional. We understand that you may want to save some cash by doing it yourself, but a professional’s touch will go a long way in keeping the work fast, clean, and efficient.

At Pioneer Plumbing we have highly qualified and experienced plumbers who will get your sewage pipes up and running in no time. If your clogged drains are giving you nightmares, contact us today at (281) 796-1117 for expert service sure to resolve your issues.