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Plumbing and Septic Services in Crosby, TX

Don’t get flooded with plumbing problems — we can fix it!

Water Heaters

No hot water? Your water heater may be the cause. Whether your current water heater requires repairs or your system must be replaced. We provide expert plumbers and excellent plumbing services for both gas and electric water heaters so that each customer can get back to the luxury of having a hot shower.

Sewer Lines

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it! We have specialists that are dedicated to replacing, repairing, and cleaning your sewer lines and drains. Don’t handle the mess alone, get the help of our professional plumbers.

Water Lines

From the messy leak repairs to the complex water line installations we can help with all of your water line needs. We dedicate ourselves to the care of every residential and commercial property in our service. Say goodbye unreliable or leaking pipes.

Gas Lines

Get instant and efficient help from Pioneer Plumbing & Septic for gas line leaks and repairs. The safety of all our customers is our number one priority, which is why we are committed to immediate gas line repairs and replacements. Call our professional plumbers for expert work and top-notch efficiency for your gas line leaks and installations.

Plumbing Fixtures

Faucets, sinks, toilets, and tubs. Pioneer Plumbing & Septic offers repairs, installations, and maintenance for all of your plumbing fixtures. We are determined to offer the best service in the industry with our amazing customer service and our excellent professional plumbers.

Upgrades & Repairs

Our professional plumbers are here for all your plumbing upgrades and repairs. No matter how big or small your plumbing upgrade or repair is we can help you. With excellent customer service our plumbing professionals can help you with everything from that leaking sink to that old bathtub. Whether you’re looking to replace a toilet or repair your plumbing, Pioneer Plumbing & Septic will be there to offer a friendly hand and expert assistance.

Kitchen Remodel

Renovating and remodeling? We offer repairs and installations for all your kitchen needs. From the sink to the refrigerator, our professional plumbers can install, replace, and clean all of your kitchen fixtures. With low prices and great customer service, our plumbing experts will help make your dream kitchen a reality.

Bathroom Remodel

Tired of that leaking sink and clogged toilet? Pioneer Plumbing & Septic can help you update your outdated bathroom. We offer everything from sink repairs to bathtub replacements so that you can sit back and enjoy your newly renovated bathroom.

Under-Slab Repairs (Tunnel)

Leaks under a house’s foundation can lead to serious structural damages. However, Pioneer Plumbing & Septic can assist with your under slab repairs and replacements. Through efficient and expert help, our trained plumbers can replace and repair your under slab pipes so that you and your home stay safe.

Lift Stations

Lower your sewer costs by employing Pioneer Plumbing & Septic to install and maintain your lift stations. We offer repairing services and replacement options to maintain your pump stations and keep your sewer system working efficiently. Not only does a broken lifting station cause a foul odor but it can lead to serious health code violations. Get help from our excellent work and incredible customer service.

Grease Traps

Are your sinks clogging? Perhaps your grease trap is the problem. Pioneer Plumbing & Septic will install and clean your grease traps to keep your sinks and filtering systems working properly. No more overflowing drains or stopped up sinks, we are here to help you.

Septic (Repair & Aerobic)

A damaged or broken septic system can leave a foul odor and, even worse, a leaking sewer. Our trained septic tank technicians are dedicated to excellent and efficient repairs, replacements, and installations for residential and commercial septic tanks. Get immediate assistance with excellent work for all your septic repair and replacement needs through Pioneer Plumbing & Septic.

Crosby Plumbing Services

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